Our Mission

To promote cultural understanding and environmental awareness through service programs involving youth in the hands on construction of sustainable projects that benefit the community.


Our Vision

Summer Build/Exchange Program


Youth, from two different parts of the world, will come together in one of the local areas to construct a sustainable public project. The visiting youth will then serve as leads in the next summer's project in their area. 

By bringing youth of different cultures together we offer them the opportunity to experience what other parts of the world are actually like. By doing so, we hope to create more compassionate, understanding and confident youth, who in turn will leave a positive mark on our world.


Beyond Building


In addition to learning about sustainable construction the summer builds will have other educational benefits:
  • By being part of a group, participating youth will learn to work together and be self-sufficient. 
  • Learning about other cultures also often involves a confrontation with different languages. Part of understanding another culture is understanding the language spoken. Students will learn language skills to allow for better communication and understanding.
  • We consider play an important part of every cultural experience. Exploring the local environment through individual and team activities will the discovery of individual and collective strengths. 



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