California Trails Challenge Scheduled Hikes* Sierra Nevada Hiking Links

4.2 miles (one-way) - Goat Mountain - April 13 - Kick-off Hike 

2.7 miles (one-way) - Horseshoe Bend Trail - April 28

3 miles (one-way) - Lewis Creek Trail - May 11

5 miles (one-way) - Nellie Lake* - May 25
*Pending trail conditions as this hike is high in elevation. 

How long do hikes take?
Figure an average hiking pace is about 2 mi/hr

*Please note, all scheduled hikes are "out and back" meaning the path back is the same as the path in. So if you don't want to hike the whole trail you can stop any time and the hike will come back to you!

Hikes subject to change pending weather, or other anomolies. Please be sure to check your pre-hike email that you will recieve a week prior to each hike.

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Arizona Hikers - Kick-Off & Favorite Trails w/Mileage


AZ Hiking Links

2.2 miles (one-way) - Holbert Trail - April 13 - Kick-off Hike

3.6 miles     -        Camelback Mountain (Cholla Summit Trail)

2.4 miles     -        Camelback Mountain (Echo Canyon Trail)


1.6 miles     -        North Mountain (National Trail)


3.5 miles     -        Pinnacle Peak     


5 miles        -        South Mtn. National Trail / Mormon Trail Loop


3.7 miles     -        Piestewa (Squaw Peak) Circumference Trail

2.4 miles     -        Piestewa (Squaw Peak) Summit Trail     


5.4 miles     -        Superstition mountains Flat Iron     


3.2 miles     -        Usery Mtn. Wind Cave Trail


2 miles        -        White Tank Mountains Waterfall Trail 

*  This is just a short list of popular Phoenix Valley Hikes.  Arizona offers many more valley hikes that are best explored during these cool winter months.  Check out the links to the right for more hiking trail mileages, maps and general information.

*  We also recommend picking up a copy of Cosmic Ray’s Phoenix Hiking Guide.  Full of maps, tips and other cool information to keep your hiking interesting and safe!


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