Jaime Collins
Owner DIY yards

A country girl at heart, Jaime was born and raised in rural central California where her love of the environment and a desire to protect it was also born. As a teenager and again in college Jaime had the opportunity to live abroad and learned first-hand the impact such experiences can have. Since obtaining a BSD in architecture from ASU and ultimately a Master’s in Nonprofit Studies she has gone on to found Everlasting Marks as well as work in architecture, solar R&D as a concept designer and place-based education developer, a school teacher, and most recently Environmental Programs Manager and Tribal Administrator for a Tribe in California. She now runs her own landscape design company where she focuses on helping people create sustainable and edible landscapes that they can install all, or in part, themselves.

Oriana Gil

Oriana is a design-driven enthusiast that uses creative design skills to interdisciplinary find solutions to current problems affecting society and environment. Oriana believes in equity, justice and the individual power each person has in order to generate positive change. Her design philosophies are, design for all, be aware of the positive or negative impact of your action in the environment, empower the voiceless and creatively find design solutions.

Advisory Board

Janet R. Gonzalez Tudor
Transport Operational Resiliency Director

As HDR’s Transportation Operational Resiliency Director, Janet helps lead and identify opportunities to help clients prepare for and address threats from disrupter events as well as plan for long-term impacts due to natural disasters, severe weather-related events, and inequitable community shifts. Janet most recently oversaw the development and growth of HDR’s consulting service teams including, but not limited to environmental, strategic communications and public involvement, Geospatial Information Systems management, right-of-way acquisition, economics, finance and statistics, procurement, and project controls, etc. Janet’s background provides for a diverse approach to resilient development ¬and implementation of community planning, land use, and transportation projects for federal, state, local, private and non-for-profit clients. Her experience includes transportation infrastructure program management, early planning and design oversight, and she frequently leads the dialogue to help clients define their community goals while building on organizational programs and supporting stakeholder participation in program implementation. As a first-generation Mexican-American, Gonzalez Tudor is a longtime advocate for connecting under-represented populations to programmatic transportation infrastructure decisions. Her passion stems from her drive to build stronger, more inclusive and equitable communities.

Janet currently chairs the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Sustainability Committee, and is a member of the APTA Board of Directors, and most recently accepted the honor to sit on the APTA COVID-19 Recovery and Restoration Task Force, focused on leading the long-term planning recommendations around funding, financing, and economics efforts. Janet is also sits on the MetroSquash Board of Directors, and also serves as President of her Condominium Association Board.